We started our experience in 1997 with the organisation of the Venetian leg of the 'Two thousand years of Italian masterpieces' private collectors cruise, and we have in these years organised cultural tours in Venice, the Veneto, in the North of Italy and in the South of Spain, taking our clients to visit private palaces, villas, gardens and historical cellars not open to the public, with the aim of making our guests enjoy the life of these sites as enjoyed by their owners.

In these years we specialized in organising tours for Museums and Cultural Institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Whitney Museum of New York, the Newport Society of Philosophers, The Marquand Park Foundation of Princeton, The Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago, etc.

In 1997 we organised our first convention in Venice, arranging the social and cultural agenda of the participants and their spouses.

In these years we have organised weekends and daily excursions for American, English, French, Israeli, Lebanese, Portuguese, Swedish, and Swiss clients to their best satisfaction.

We are now looking into other itineraries in Central Italy and in Cuba, always keeping the same travel philosophy that has proven so successful.

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