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Client: Elizabeth S. Makrauer - Executive Director Save Venice Inc., New York
Comment: It is my pleasure to inform you that a gift has been made to Save Venice in honour of the warmth and hospitality shown by you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most recent group’s in Venice ….. the contribution will be used to fund the conservation of many un-restored Tiepolo drawings in the Correr Museum.

Client: Laura Grant – Investor Relations Director, Coller Capital ltd., London
Comment: I am writing to express our thanks to you for your work in arranging our 10th Anniversary Celebration in Venice. The event was a huge success , and we have had a great deal of  positive feedback from all our investors ..on the wonderful venues that were open to us. In particular our guests have indicated their appreciation of the tours that you led and the priviledge of being introduced to Venice by a true Venetian.

Client: Emily K. Rafferty - Senior Vice President for External Affairs, The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York
Comment: On behalf of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your gracious hospitality. Please know our participants were enchanted by the warm welcome they received at your beautiful palazzo in September. They found that Venice was made all the more unique by the visit  and they were particularly fascinated to meet so many of your acquantances.

Client: Ralph E. Carpenter - President, The Society of Philosophers, Newport Rhode Island
Comment: Thank you so much for getting us off to such a wonderful start in our travels in Italy. Particularly our first evening in your family house…we would have been lost without you in Vicenza…Many thanks for providing the care and comfort that we have been accostumed to in our travels.

Client: Judith Simmons - Director of Special Events, Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago
Comment: The magic of Venice is amzingly alive as ever for me,… I truly believe Venice is one of the wonders of the world, a wonder made that much more spectacular by the wonderful plans made for us. Your passion and love for Venice is infectious and everyone in our journey felt that Venice was the piece de resistance of our European journey…you introduced us to a world we would have never experienced. Thank you again for everything, including all the wonderful experiences you made possible for us in Vicenza, Verona and Padua.

Client: Esthel Brody and Leona Sobel, South Carolina
Comment: My sister Leona and I whish to thank you for all you did for us in Venice. We had a marvelous time, a memory we will treasure always . Americans are always fascinated with Venice but you turned our trip into a magical experience. For that we can not thank you enough.

Client: Audrey Chatzy, New York
Comment: Thank you so much for making our trip to Venice ever so appealing.
Your arrangements for our visits to the superb villas and palaces and the exquisite luncheons and dinners left us breathless.

Client: Barbara Lauer, Tallahasse Florida.
Comment: What a wonderful day we had! Thank you so much for a most memorable experience. You did an excellent job. Next time I'd love to hire you for a week!

Client: Dee Bates, Tucson Arizona.
Comment: To such strangers as myself what a glorious welcome you offered us! thank you for your hospitality and outreach to share the best of Venice and the Veneto with me. I treasure my memories, moment by moment.

Client: Sharah Irby, London.
Comment: Charlie and I thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend in Venice, thanks to your excellent organization….. all eight of us had an amazing time and all due to your hard work. From both of us a very big thank you.

Client: Shashank Singh - Bombay, India
Comment: Marco, many thanks for arranging a smashing visit to Venice, one we will always remember.