For centuries Venice has been a centre of artistic research and development of the most exquisite techniques of decoration and furnishing.

Glass, stucco, plaster and wood, have been used for centuries by its craftsmen to decorate and enrich its beautiful palaces and churches.

The artisans of Murano are still employing these traditional techniques, crafting everything from contemporary art glass to glass chandeliers, gilding and engraving glass using centuries-old procedures.

We will visit glass furnaces to discover how Murano glass is still created following the traditional fashion and ateliers of contemporary glass artists who craft their production applying the centuries-old handicraft methods.

Techniques like scagliola and marmorino are still used by Venetian artisans to decorate the city's buildings. We will visit workshops of craftsmen who still apply the styles that inspired generations of decorators worldwide.

Wood and carpentry are part of the Venetian arts and crafts tradition, with talented wood restorers we will visit palaces to see their restorations.

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